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Visit the museum and get a discount for the Atomium and the Folon Foundation!

Published on 01 June 2019

After your visit, don't throw away your ticket for the Comics Art Museum!

Present it at the reception of the Atomium or of the Folon Foundation (La Hulpe) and get a nice discount on the entrance prices of these two attractions. Of course, it also works in the opposite direction.

ATOMIUM: During its "Spirou4Rights" exhibition (until 04/11), the Atomium reduces its adult fares by 2 euros for visitors presenting a valid entrance ticket for the Comics Art Museum. The same discount applies to the Comics Art Museum for Atomium tickets. 

FOLON FOUNDATION: As part of its exhibition on Hugo Pratt, the Folon Foundation is offering a 3 euro discount on its combined adult fares to the visitors of the Comics Art Museum, while 2 euro are deducted from the ticket prices of the same category at the Comics Art Museum, again on presentation of the partner museum's admission ticket. Valid until 24/11. 

Have fun!

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