The Art of Comic Strip

Like other art disciplines such as literature or cinema, comic strip art is a mode of expression which manifests itself in many ways, through very different genres, styles and formats, for a variety of audiences.
"The Art of Comic Strip" therefore proposes to explore the comic strip in all its forms, from the creative process to the range of genres that constitute the European comic strip today.


List of currently exhibited authors:

Authors whose works come from the collection of the Belgian Comic Strip Center:

Achdé, Dino Attanasio, Edmond Baudouin, Michel Blanc-Dumont, Giancarlo Caracuzzo, Serge Carrère, Thierry Cayman, Coria, Antonio Cossu, Luc Cromheecke, Dany, Carine de Brab, Lucien de Gieter, Maurice Del Bourgo, Jean-Yves Delitte, Christian Denayer, Derib, Doughty, Dupa, Ferry, Philippe Foerster, Jean-Claude Fournier, Philippe Francq, Philippe Geluck, Gine, Olivier Grenson, C.Henri, Marc Hernu, Jijé, Louis Joos, Kas, Laudec, Patrice Leconte, Léo, Régis Loisel, Magda, Pat Mallet, Jean-Claude Mézières, Michetz, Peyo, Michel Pierret, Dimitri Piot, Sylvain Polfliet, Marcel Rouffa, Etienne Schréder, Jean-Claude Servais, Benoît Sokal, Jean Pol et Wim Swerts, Tronchet, George Van Raemdonck, Vink, Marc Wasterlain, Michel Weyland, Zep.

Authors whose works are on loan:

Nicolas Juncker, Émilie Plateau.

Authors whose works are reproductions:

Zeina Abirached, JP Ahonen, Bertolucci, Catel, Mahmoudi Halim, Diane le Feyer et M.Tan, Marcelé, Nix, Nob, Obion, Jean Roba, Nicolas Wild.

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