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Cerise, Lulu and Nelson

The world of childhood by Aurélie Neyret

The French illustrator and cartoonist Aurélie Neyret has made of the world of childhood her creative universe. After numerous illustrated books and collective publications, she made her debut in comics alongside Joris Chamblain with the series Les Carnets de Cerise, the success of which brought her recognition from the public as well as from critics. This was followed by the adventures of Lulu and Nelson, a story written by Charlotte Girard and Jean-Marie Omont. With a dynamic and colourful style, the illustrator presents endearing young heroes in search of themselves and of freedom. A sensitive and original universe that the exhibition proposes to explore and discover all its depth and creativity.


Curator: Mélanie Andrieu

Exhibition design: Quentin Van Tongelen


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